Top Tweets of Week 3, October 2020

Here's a quick recap of my top tweets for 3rd week of October 2020

  1. I found out about Indian Comicbook hero Anthony being inspired by The Crow.

  1. Loved this song, Sab Kuch Theek Hai (Heard it in Girliyapa Originals webseries - The Interns):

  1. Found out that 'Heeng' aka Asafoetida : a common spice in Indian kitchens is not actually cultivated in India, until now.

  1. Started consuming news through NewsOnAir app instead of shitty scammy Indian news channels.

  1. Road Network Density in India

  1. A must read article by Paul Graham - Early Work:

  1. Bought Logitech K480 BT Keyboard and Logitech Pebble M350 BT mouse to use with my Macbook Pro and iPad. Detailed review can be read here.

  1. Loved this adorable father-daughter duo singing 'Senorita':

That's all folks. See ya all next week.