Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard and Logitech Pebble M350 Bluetooth Mouse Review

If you are looking for a keayboard - mouse combo which works with almost any device you have, look no further.

Since lockdown started and I started working from home, I was looking for a decent pair of wireless keyboard and mouse. I needed something which can flawlessly work with my personal Dell Windows Laptop, MacBook Pro (my work machine), iPad and Android tablets.

I decided to get a Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard and Logitech Pebble Bluetooth mouse. I am amazed by the performance of both.

Let's talk about Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard first.

image of logitech k40 keyboard

The Keyboard has a portable form factor but it is packed with features. It works with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices, and switching devices is a breeze thanks to a dial located conveniently at the top left side. Pairing the keyboard requires you to set the dial to one of three available positions, press a corresponding key for device type (located at top right), and follow normal Bluetooth pairing directions on your device. The total time it took me to set it up—from opening the box to having paired the K480 with a Xiaomi Note 9 Pro Android Phone, iPad 8th Gen and MacBook Pro — was under five minutes. It needs two AAA batteries to power and batteries last 10-15 days if you remember to power off the keyboard when not in use. It is recommneded to use rechargable batteries with this.

Performance: * * * *

Ergonomics: * *

Battery: * * *

Ease of Use: * * * * *

The mouse which I chose is from Logitech too - Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse is a small mouse which can easily fit in your pocket. To connect it to your devices it has a Type-A USB reciever as well as bluetooth. So it can work with a range of devices like a desktop computer, laptop, iPad and android tablet or even an Android phone.

pebble mouse image

The Type-A USB receiver and a AA-battery which powers this mouse, are stored under its magnetic top cover. Speaking of this, here is where you find its two buttons and a scroll wheel. The buttons are not tactile and rather mushy although this allows for extremely quiet clicking. After a while, you tend to get used to the mouse’s click feel. The scroll wheel though is fairly comfortable and responsive to use so I have no complaints there, although a feature to unlock it for smooth scrolling would have been nice to see.

Underneath the mouse, we have buttons for power as well as pairing. Pairing both via Bluetooth or the mouse’s receiver is quite intuitive so it definitely is easy to use. It has a fixed 1,000 DPI and no options for customisation whatsoever. Depending on your cursor’s natural movement speed, you may have to tune things to match your workflow. This is strictly for coding/office work an not meant for gaming / graphic design.

Performance: * * * * *

Ergonomics: * *

Battery: * * * * *

Ease of Use: * * * * *

I loved both of these devices because they seemlessly work with all my devices despite them having different operating systems and easy of use.

If you are looking for compact, multi device keyboard and mouse comno in a budget, you won't find them elsewhere.

If you are in India, buy both of these from below links:

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Click Here to Buy Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse

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