ToDo MVC - Compare different javascript frameworks

Backbone, React, Angular, Vue... There are many stable and widely used Web Application UI Frameworks being used in tech industry. How do you chose one? ToDoMVC Project was created to help you make that decision...

UI application frameworks help in reducing the amount of effort required to get a complex web application up and running. They prevent us from reinventing the wheel, being able to rely on well tested reusable code is neat.

If you are into web or mobile development, chances are you are already using one framework or another. There are plenty of javascript frameworks and a new one seems to unvailed almost every day.

If you are confused about chosing a UI Framework for your next big project, take a look at TodoMVC project, which is a collection of implementations of a simple Todo app. From vanilla JS, to libraries like Dojo, Jquery and frameworks like React, ANgularJS, Angular4 and Ember (plus many more), they have created the same ToDo App in almost every major library/framework out there.

TodoMVC project is created and managed by Add Osmani who works at Google currently.

Once you've downloaded the TodoMVC code and played around with the apps, you can easily decide on a specific framework to try out.

What I'd suggest is to study the syntax required for defining models, views and controllers and classes in the frameworks you're interested in and try your hand at editing the code to see how it feels using it first-hand.

There's often a lot more to a framework than what is presented in TodoMVC examples, but the point is to get you started with a feel of framework and then you can take it forward from there. At the time of this writing, there are 70 examples for TodoMVC app made in different libs/frameworks and even languages which compile to Javascript like Scala, Go and Dart.

Check out the project at it's official website:

Todo MVC